I just pitched the InCool Comfort Mirror to Shark Tank!


I am excited to tell you all I pitched the InCool Comfort Mirror at an Open Call for Shark Tank in Nashville Tn. yesterday!

The doors opened at 9:00am but I thought I would get there early, due to driving back home to STL afterwards. I got in the already long line at 8:00am and when they started handing out numbered wristbands, I found I was only #69 to pitch. I am guessing most everyone that came to pitch a product brought 1 if not 2 other people with them because I really thought there was at least 200 people in line before me. When my number was called the casting member wrangling us said it was one of the lightest turnouts she had ever worked. I thought that was a good thing, the less pitches thrown, the more the InCool Comfort Mirror will stand out!

Mindy Zemrak, the casting supervisor, was the high energy host of the casting call and there were 4 casting members that would be listening to the pitches. I got to pitch to Erica, and I think she got the mirror at first glance! I walked up to her table, set the mirror down and before I could turn to get the rest of my display, she said, “I could use one of these!” When I finished my pitch, she asked a few questions about my evaluations and how I came up with the mirror. Then she wanted to know more about me. I told her about my 40 years behind the chair styling hair, my fantastic clients and the last 10+ years as a salon owner. After packing up my display and as I was taking the mirror off the table to walk away Erica said, “great idea”.

It was a great experience, and in the end, I was told if I’m selected to move forward, they will contact me in the next 2 weeks. Cross your fingers for me and the InCool Comfort Mirror!

I will let you know what happens 😊

Barb Z

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