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We have all heard it before, necessity is the mother of invention.  Well, I had a need.


Hi, I’m Barb, Inventor of the InCool Comfort Mirror.


It all started when I was a kid and like most kids, I had chores.  I would find myself thinking of how I could make every day chores and routines easier to do.  It seemed everywhere I looked I would see things that were in need of more practical solutions and think to myself 'there’s got to be a better way'.  And now, many years away from being that kid, I am creating a line of accessories to help fill those needs so many of us have with practical solutions.


I am proud to introduce the InCool Comfort line of bedroom, bathroom and vanity accessories and the first in the line is the InCool Comfort Vanity Top Mirror.


A bit about me :) I was born, raised and still live in St. Louis Missouri...I love my town!  I’m the proud mom of 2, a hairstylist of 40+ years and owned a salon for over 12 years. I love what I do! It's been a very rewarding career choice for me and really can't imagine a day will come that I would completely retire from working behind the chair.


I think some people are born inventors. My ideas and inventions have always been to try and make my home life easier. The InCool Comfort Mirrors, as well as the other future InCool Comfort products, will make your life a little easier too.  We have all heard it before, necessity is the mother of invention.  Well, I had a need.


I am the target consumer for this product.  It came from my own real need to solve the problem of staying cool and perspiration free while getting ready for the day in the warm and steamy after shower environment of my bathroom. 


Putting together the right components are key to, and what ultimately makes, a superior product.  

MIRROR: I spent over a year in search of a high optical quality large diameter mirror, I would settle for nothing less. And, I certainly looked at a lot of bad funhouse mirror samples.

I think it is a waste to put a non-magnified side coupled with a 5X, 8X or 10X on a double-sided mirror.  My research has indicated that the most common requests are for the 5X and 10X magnification parings.  Look to your standard wall mounted bathroom mirror for a non-magnified view.  Our future goal is to provide you the option to customize your magnification parings.

FAN: The fan had to be powerful.  No 5 or 12-volt DC fan can push enough air to cool you at your core when you are experiencing the dreaded hot flash.

It was the body cooling fan on my treadmill that first got me to think about building a fan into the vertical support for my makeup mirror.

LIGHTING: Lighting color can be very tricky.  Cool white vs. warm white vs. daylight white, getting just the right color light is crucial to seeing how you truly look in the makeup you are applying.

Like the color of the light, the brightness of the light is also a crucial element in makeup application.  I find most makeup mirrors you commonly find on the market today are simply the wrong color light and the light is not bright enough.

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