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InCool Comfort: Bright Beginning

Hi everyone and welcome to all of you that are new to InCool Comfort. My name is Barb, and I would like to tell you how a need I had turned into an incredible journey.

I’m a busy mom of two, a long-time hairstylist and I added salon owner to my resume in 2009. I try to stay in shape and in good health and most days I do that by spending a little time on my treadmill, usually before getting in the shower to start my routine to get ready for work.

Add together a sweaty body from a treadmill workout, a hot shower, a steamy bathroom and a blow dryer and you end up with a lot of heat. Then add to the mix natural changes in hormone levels that can wreak havoc with a body’s core temperature, and you have even more heat to contend with.

All that steamy heat would have me perspiring again making it impossible to apply my makeup.

This was a real and annoying issue for me. I bought a small fan to try and remedy the problem, but it took up precious space on my vanity top and was in the way of my makeup. I had just traded my old problem for a new problem.

Several years ago, I set my makeup mirror up on two thick books so I could look directly into it. I don’t care to look down into my makeup mirror, I don’t think any woman does. I realized the fan I had bought was about as tall as the two stacked books, so I wedged the stand for the fan under the bottom book and Ta-Da, the fan fit perfectly under the mirror right in front to the books…problem solved!

Problem solved until I wanted to tilt the fan. Because the back of the fan was up against the books all it could do is blow air straight out. I remember thinking it would be great if I could tilt the fan up and down, giving me complete control over the direction of the air flow.

This all happened in June of 2011 and by September that year I had done enough research to know that my fan base for a makeup mirror was unique and I had an original idea. I made the decision to file a provisional patent application (PPA).

That’s how it started, my fantastic journey from how to solve a problem all the way to a very soon to launch patented finished product.

Please continue to follow The InCool Comfort Vanity Mirror here and on Facebook. I will be posting pictures of the finished InCool Comfort Vanity Mirror, keep you informed about when and where you can get one and tell you my story of how I'm bringing an innovative idea to life.

We have all heard it before, necessity is the mother of invention!

Bye for now,


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