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InCool Comfort: 5th Installment

Monique Parent; Actress and YouTube Influencer.

After 25 years in the film business, Monique has certainly picked up a few tips and tricks in the makeup and hair department and shares what she has learned on her YouTube channel.

I came across Monique’s YouTube video ‘How to Do Classic Makeup on a Mature Face’ over a year ago and was impressed with her genuine personality as well as her talent with makeup.

I had the idea back then that once my mirror was ready, I would ask her to test it out for me. And, as you can tell from her video, Monique was happy to try it out, and she loves it!

I want to give a heartfelt thank you to Monique for her endorsement of the InCool Comfort Mirror. Her glowing review may very well bring forward the funding I need to get my mirror to market and to all of you!

To learn more about Monique visit her website

Bye for now,


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